The Ray has 9 LEDs that glow pleasantly.  Read below to see what the different colours mean.  Overall the core goal is to keep Ray blue at all times but this will be challenging unless you're always paying good attention and always leaving good distances to the cars in front.  It's not the end of the world if Ray flares a little red occasionally - the most important thing is to drive safely and learn from the consistent and objective feedback.  

Did you know GOFAR won a Good Design Award for the Ray?  Now you do!

Lights during calibration

Status L 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 R Explanation
Ray is all white

Calibration is just starting. As the adapter calibrates its motion sensors to your car over 11 stop start cycles, the Ray will progressively turn green.
Ray is turning green

Calibration is just over half way completed. A few more stops and starts and you're done.
Ray is totally green

When calibration is completed the Ray will briefly (for a second) be all green - which is good!  Then it will start operating normally with blue for good driving and red for less good driving!

Lights during normal driving

Status L 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 R Explanation
Ray is all blue

This is good.  We tend to be a little relaxed with the Ray algorithm but generally blue is good and the "game" is to keep Ray blue all the time.  It's tricky.
A pink centre

When you do a small action that's wasteful of fuel - such as braking too late or too heavily (or both), then Ray will glow pink / purple in the middle.
All red

OK - this is probably some very heavy acceleration or more normally some particularly harsh braking.  With the current algorithm it's pretty hard to get it all red.

Errors and other messages

Status L 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 R Explanation
Ray is half red

If the Adapter cannot detect your phone it will briefly glow red on the right half three times to alert you (see video). Opening the app usually re-connects your iPhone or Android phone again.
Red tips

After the alert above the Ray will return to normal operation but the extreme edges will stay permanently red to indicate that the Adapter and your phone are NOT connected.  (See video)
No lights

If the Ray is totally blank then you may need to check the cable is attached (and that the L shaped end is still snugly plugged into the Adapter).  Failing that check out this FAQ