GOFAR's Ray gives you real time feedback on your driving, helps motivate you to improve and provides coaching tips to help you keep improving. There’s a lot of research that shows aggressive driving (highway speeding, rapid acceleration, hard braking) hurts fuel efficiency.

Highway Speeding: While every car has a different optimal speed for fuel efficiency, decreasing rapidly above 80 kmph/50 mph. For example, driving 120kmph vs. 105 kmph decreases your fuel efficiency by up to 15%.

Rapid Acceleration: Pressing really hard on the accelerator from a stop uses much more fuel to reach the same speed than accelerating more slowly. On the highway, speeding up and slowing down frequently is less efficient than cruising at a steady speed.

Hard Braking: Though braking itself doesn’t waste gas, braking hard is usually a sign that you were driving faster than you needed to be prior to stopping (e.g., speeding up to a stop light and slamming on the brakes). Try taking your foot off the pedal as soon as you see the light turn red and coasting to a stop. It's all about anticipation.

So how exactly does Ray improve your driving? Ray changes colour to alert you to hard braking and excessive acceleration. With this real-time feedback, our drivers can make more informed decisions about their driving habits. Reducing these behaviors can have a real impact on how much you spend on fuel, with some drivers saving up to 22%! For a 70L tank of fuel that is a saving of 15.4L which is an extra approximately 200km more you can drive before you need to fill up!