GOFAR is producing a new version of the hardware.

  • The new units have similar functionality but we have upgraded to newer components wherever possible.
  • Older units will still work as normal and will remain fully supported.  
  • Alongside the hardware changes, we've made a number of other simultaneous changes such as introducing more eco-friendly packaging with 43% less packaging. 


As of now (June 14th) all hardware and firmware testing has been completed and so now we're pushing on to full production.

In parallel we are updating the back end server to handle the new version of hardware.

We expect to produce in June early enough to deliver all back orders in late June.  

It might be a little earlier.  It might be a little later.  There should be no more major delays from this point now though.

We'll keep this page updated weekly with the latest.


Below are our best estimates of what's happening when.

  • Completed New Printed Circuit Board design
  • Completed New components selected
  • Completed Prototype created and firmware updated
  • Completed Prototype and firmware successfully tested
  • Completed All pre-production testing is completed
  • Completed FCC EMC testing has been completed and past.
  • Completed First Production Run - 60 printed circuit boards printed (7th May)
  • Completed First Production Run - manufacturing assembly (10th May)
  • Completed First Production Run - Each unit individually tested 
  • Completed - New eco-friendly packaging arrives

  • Completed - Desk testing and in car testing in Sydney
  • Completed - PCBs for full production run ordered
  • TODAY [Fri 14th June]- update multiple test jigs to ensure we can parallel process assembly making it quicker

  • 17th June Release new back end cloud code set to staging in preparation for new units

  • 17th June Produce circuit boards for full production run (1-2 days)

  • 20th-25th June Assemble full production run

  • 20th-25th June Each unit individually tested post assembly (as ever)

  • 22nd June Release new back end code and firmware to production so that new units will send store data in cloud smoothly 

  • 27th June Entire order express air freighted Sydney warehouse

  • 28th June Clear customs

  • 29th June Express ship all back ordered units in sequence

  • 29th - 30th June All back orders arrive


  • Feel free to reach out to us at support@gofar.co any time.  We nearly always respond within 24 hours (and on average in 12:37 hours).

  • We'll keep this question updated too.  (Last updated Friday 14th June)
  • If you want a refund you have only to ask and we will refund immediately.  

  • Anyone who purchased express shipping is being automatically refunded for that - and we've turned it off for now.

  • We do hope you'll hold on a bit longer and if you do we'll ship in order, and whilst there should be no issues fulfilling all current outstanding orders, we do recommend that you keep your slot in the queue.  All customers will receive a free upgrade to express shipping to ensure they get their units as soon as possible.


  • Mainly because we're producing a new version with updated software and hardware components and an upgraded PCB design.

  • Some of the early delay was that it just took a lot of time testing all the components we upgraded and we're a small team of 6 engineers.  Plus we do take a very cautious approach to engineering for both engineering and customer reasons.

  • The last delay, from May to June, was down to finding a bug in testing after we started production of the first 50 units.  Finding a bug at this stage is an issue because we had to be certain it was a software bug and not a hardware issue.  After investigating we found it was indeed a software bug and we worked through a fix and have released that.  

  • The bug interrupted the bluetooth connection at times during a drive so it was important to fix.

  • We've since tested this fix and both the hardware is working fine (still) and now the software is 100% too so we're good to go to full production.

  • We could have taken a chance and ordered all the components and the new circuit boards (and as it turned out we would have been fine), but for a small and new company like we are that felt too big a risk to take. 

  • We're really sorry the new version has taken so long.  We definitely know it's frustrating, but it's going to provide a great platform for our core features and for some great new features too in the future.

  • Thanks for bearing with us.

Ian, Danny, Szymon, Damian, Bikash, Artur, Al, Kat, Matt, Jeremy