GOFAR comes in three parts - the Adapter, the Ray and the App.

GOFAR's smart Adapter plugs into your car's diagnostic port.  It monitors car health and battery and logs your driving for you automatically.

The GOFAR app alerts you if your car has an engine error instantly.  It also stores your analytics and trends as well as making it easy to manage your work trips with one touch business tagging.  It works for Android or Apple smartphones.

GOFAR's Ray is a handy co-pilot that sits on your dash.  It's optional but it does a few clever things so we think you'll like it.

First, it nudges savvy drivers to a more efficient driving style which helps them save money on fuel.  

Second it will also glow red when you're over the speed limit helping you avoid fines.

Basically when Ray is blue you're good.  As it turns red you're burning more money.

You can read more about what Ray's lights mean.