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Re-design of Gofar product.

Why not incorporate the dongle with the Ray device? That way for certain makes of vehicles where the plug is situated the customer doesn't have to dismantle his dashboard just to fit the dongle, instead, why not just use a OBD-ll connector (male) plugged into female conn, run the cable up to a mini multi-plug (male-female) and from there to the Ray. With the dongle electronics all in-house inside the Ray (half an inch bigger in-design), it would also make the calibration more accurate and more stable reading. Just a thought.

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Hi Ryan,


Thanks for the suggestion, we really appreciate it mate.


We have applied a lot of improvements so far on our GOFAR product but we still have ways to go.


For the OBD port being on an awkward position, you could use an OBD extension for convenience. 

Here's where you can get it:



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